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Jan. 20, 2023

We Liked It Our Way Better! [RPG Horror Story]

[#93] This week, Jim, with a horror story about how to ruin an otherwise-great game just by not shutting up when it’s over. - https://www.reddit.com/r/rpghorrorstories/comments/yvxw4y/it_would_have_cost_you_nothing_to_keep_that_to/ - In case you...

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Jan. 13, 2023

Gary Had A Pizza, Now Has Nothing [RPG Horror Story]

[#92] This week, Josey brings us a terrifying tale of a player who snapped for getting exactly what he deserved. CW: Brief, veiled description of in-game sexual assault. - Check out...

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Jan. 6, 2023

Stuck At the Kids' Table [RPG Horror Story]

[#91] Jason relates the tale of a grown-ass man unknowingly being invited to a game for teens. - Check out the https://www.reddit.com/r/rpghorrorstories/comments/yk1hfy/think_im_playing_with_a_group_of_adults_end_up_in/. - Monks aren’t at all...

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Oct. 21, 2022

"We don't think you're going to stick around" [RPG Horror Story]

[#90] In this Horror Story, Jim delivers a tale of a store game that doesn't go so well. Josey is off this week. Read the original post and comments. For the business wonks, a report on commercial rents on Long …

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Sept. 30, 2022

I Thought A Mile Was 1000 Feet! [RPG Horror Story]

[#88] Jim delivers a charming Horror Short Story about some Imperial Entanglements. Read the original post . Speaking of delightful, chek out this list of obsolete unites of measurement . Check here if you need more accurate ...

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Sept. 23, 2022

A Deck Of A Few Stuff [RPG Horror Story]

[#86] Josey reminds us that introducing the Deck of Many Things is literally the worst thing that anyone can do to thier game. Yes, even a nerfed version of it. That only destroys up your campaign more slowly. Greg is …

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Sept. 16, 2022

Do Players Really NEED To Learn Their Class Features? [RPG Horror Sto…

[#84] Jason brings us the story of a DM frustrated by a player not interested in learning much about the cool class features of her PC. Jim is maybe-sorta-kinda on her side and it makes for an interesting back-and-forth! Jose...

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Sept. 9, 2022

Does this...look humanoid...to you? (spoiler: yes it does) [RPG Horro…

[#82] This week, Greg brings a tale of the DM who didn't know how creature types worked. Jim is stil travelling this week. You can read the original post and comments . The campaign in question was set in the …

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Sept. 2, 2022

Little Bro Derails Campaign To "Win" [RPG Horror Story]

[#81] This week, Jason shares the tale of a young player who didn't really get how D&D works. Or maybe understood it too well. Jim is on the road this week. Read the original post and comments . Josey mentioned …

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Aug. 20, 2022

The Cleric is NOT a Catholic Priest and That Joke Wasn't Funny [RPG H…

[#78] In this episode, Jim brngs a horror story about the difference between problematic jokes in private games with your friends and making strangers uncomfortable in public settings. CW: Veiled discussion of sexual abuse of...

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Aug. 12, 2022

Those WERE The Bandits! [RPG Horror Story]

[#76] In this Horror Story, Josey is our host (at least for the into)! Jason brings us the tale of miscommunication between the DM and the party. Jim is off this week. You can read the original post and comments …

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Aug. 5, 2022

Savage Super Session Zero Screwup [RPG Horror Story]

[#74] This week's Horror Story comes from Josey. Jim and Greg are off this week. You can read the original post and comments here. This story is about a superheroic game using the Savage Worlds system . We talk a …

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July 29, 2022

The Drama Started WAY Earlier Than The PVP [RPG Horror Story]

[#72] This Horror Story of a player overstepping another PC's boundaries in a pretty problematic way comes to us via Greg. Josey is off this week. You can read the original post and comments here . We talked about The …

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July 22, 2022

RPG Horror Story: No, Using a Character Sheet Is NOT "Rules Lawyering"

[#70] In this Horror Story, Josey regales us with an extremely dubious accusation of meta-gaming. You can read the original post and comments here. Josey mentioned the Boston Tea Party chain of UK cafes. We invoked the sublim...

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July 15, 2022

RPG Horror Story: Um Actually It's FEER-bolg

[#68] In this episode, Jim brings a tale of pedantry and the bad kind of axe-grinding. Check out the original post and comments . No matter how you pronounce them, firbolgs are pretty cool and have been around for a …

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