keep up the great work!

i have been listening for a long time and its always enjoyable and fun.

Great RPG podcast

This is a great podcast to get ideas and hear entertaining stories about D and D and some other games. I’d love to hear more about the 90’s game ‘Dark Conspiracy’

Love it

Please do a directors cut of rock classic stories I love your content- thank you for all your work

Love this podcast

I have really enjoyed this podcast. Great number of variety of topics! You all rock! Always fun to listen to the horror stories but absolutely love the wholesome stories. Keep it up! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Super fun show!

Stumbled into this podcast and listened on a whim. Love the cast! And the sound quality is superb.

Chortlingly Good

Great podcast! Very enjoyable and entertaining to listen to.

For a good time call

This show is a good time. Well produced and fun to have in your ears.

an Eldritch BLAST to listen to

This is not your typical DnD podcast in the best way possible. The diversity of topics makes this a chest full of aural treasures!

It’s a Nat 20!

No boring world building or NPCs that are just gonna get squished as soon as you decide to care. This gang talks shop, all d&d all the time. Character builds are wonderful, I’ve learned some clever ideas and would love to see an actual meddling kids campaign. Well done Curmudgeons!

Great D&D Podcast

Best D&D podcast I’ve found. Glad I stumbled onto this one. Solidly good time.