Curmudgeons And Dragons

Curmudgeons And Dragons

The party gathers at the round table to discuss all things D&D! Join Jason, Josey, Jim, and Greg at the tavern for an ale and some stories...but watch out for flying chairs.

Releasing twice weekly:
Wednesdays: Our main long format show
Fridays: "RPG Horror Stories" - We read some stories of games gone wrong

Recent Episodes

May 18, 2022

50 Tips For Dungeons Masters [Part 3: 21-30]

[#56] We continue our delve into the Top 50 Tips for DMs. This week, it's #21-30, and we're getting a little more into YMMV territory. Our Top 50 Tips list come courtesy of MT Black Games . Josey mentioned bespoke initative t...

May 13, 2022

RPG Horror Story: DM Out-Metagames The Metagamer

[#55] In this horror story, Josie brings us a story of metagaming one-upsmanship. There is some disagreement about what exactly constitutes metagaming . Sorry, but Psychic Scream is just messed up . We discussed what happens ...

May 11, 2022

Let's Build A Character: Bob Belcher

[#54] Jim and Greg are off this week, so Josie and Jason take the opportunity to stat up their favorite burger-flipping patriarch. Jason was inspired by the fact that there's a Bob's Burger movie out soon. Once you know where...

May 06, 2022

RPG Horror Story: Hazing The New Guy

[#53] Jim brings us a tale of outrageous hazing that ultimately backfires. Jason mentioned places to put bad dice . While this did not technically fall afoul of any current hazing laws , it should have. For more stories of te...