March 18, 2022

RPG Horror Story: Flapjack Is Dead

RPG Horror Story: Flapjack Is Dead

[#35] You'd think Planescape is a setting so cool you couldn't screw it up, but in this RPG Horror story from GenCon 1998, Jim (via his friend The Ferrett) impales that expectation on a wall full of razorvine. Jason, Josey, and Greg share in the horror. 

  • GenCon is still going strong, fortunately.
  • Many veteran D&D players consider Planescape the finest setting ever released for D&D.
  • Jim's pal Ferrett Steinmetz went on to become a published SF author.
  • There's no official bariaur for 5e yet, which is a shame because they were the GOAT.    

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º Crusade Heavy Industry by Kevin MacLeod



Hosted by Jason Portizo, Josey Diaz, Jim Crocker, and Greg Genovas

Produced and Edited by Jason Portizo

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